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We receive many questions on a daily basis about the Stronghold Haywire Klamper! We have posted the most common questions people have about what the Haywire Klamper tool is and does!

This page is for questions about using the Haywire Klamper and the product itself. We also have a separate page dedicated to questions on ordering that you can view here.

General Questions on the Haywire Klamper

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The Haywire Klamper tool is a versatile clamping, binding and repair tool that has infinite uses.  Simply browse this website for a few ideas of what this tool is capable of!  We recommend starting here.

Yes, the tool and all of it components are made in the USA and manufactured and assembled in Montana.

The Haywire Klamper was first introduced in 1982 with patent pending and went into full production in 1986 after the patent was issued.

You can view the actual patent by clicking here!

Yes, this is the only official website for the Haywire Klamper.

The Haywire Klamper is an amazing tool capable of binding nearly any two objects together as well as clamping hoses and repairing nearly any item.

  • Clamping air hoses, water hoses and even some hydraulic hoses
  • Binding any two items securely
  • Building shelters
  • Constructing tarp sheds
  • Repairing oars
  • Fixing broken tool handles such as axes and hammers
  • Strap together parts for welding and repairing objects
  • Anything your mind can imagine!

See a few examples on this page.

The Haywire Klamper is guaranteed to be free from mechanical defects.  Simply send us the unit and we will replace it with a new one!

We recommend zinc coated galvanized steel wire between 14 and 20 gauge. The 14 gauge wire is the most sturdy while the 20 gauge is very easy to work with for smaller or lightweight job.

16 or 17 gauge will work for most repairs and is a good size for about 90% of Haywire Klamper projects, which is why we include this size wire with our tool!

We offer custom made wire for the Haywire Klamper on our online store here.

Even though the tool is called the Haywire Klamper, we do not recommend bailing wire for use with the tool.  Bailing wire will work with the tool for simple jobs like

temporary binding of lumber (like firewood) or items to be welded that don't require the permanent hold of galvanized steel.
We do not recommend bailing wire because of the low strength rating and bailing wire has the tendency to rust almost immediately after exposure to the elements.

See the recommended wire in our online store here.

Absolutely! You can see a simple demonstration of how to measure wire and use the Haywire Klamper by visiting this link.

See a few case studies of examples of real world fixes done with the Haywire Klamper here.

We also have an ever-expanding gallery of video tutorials here.

Yes, currently we offer 10 colors that can be mixed and matched for both the handle and the main body of the tool.  We also offer custom screen printing of your logo on the tool. Contact us here for more information!

Absolutely.  We can manufacture the Haywire Klamper in any color you want but do require a minimum order of 40 units.  Please contact us here for more information!

We are happy to work with you to custom print your logo or business name on the Haywire Klamper.
Please visit this page here to contact us for more information on customizing the Stronghold tool for your business!