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The Haywire Klamper Stronghold Tool has so many uses that even the inventor has not thought of all of them yet! What would you do with this amazingly versatile tool?

On this page we will explore a few cases where people have used the Haywire Klamper Stronghold Tool. Once you see a few examples of how the Haywire Klamper can be used, your imagination will begin to go wild with the possibilities of what this essential tool can actually do!

The Ultimate Wooden Handle Repair!

Haywire Klamper Hammer Handle Repair After years of use and abuse in the elements this hammer handle eventually gave out.
On the weekend I was making a few routine repairs to our fence when I realized I had a problem. While pulling a cracked piece of fence board, the handle on my hammer proved to be weaker than the stubborn rusted nails holding in the broken board.
This being a Sunday and seeing as how I live in the country, I really had no options other than leaving the job partially done and having holes in my fence or driving 50 miles round trip to the nearest home improvement store.
It then occurred to me I may be able to repair this old hammer, at least to get me through the day. I had recently purchased a Haywire Klamper tool to fix and clamp several hoses and I assumed I should be able to clamp this hammer handle together with some 16 gauge wire I had using the Haywire Klamper.
I used a double strength strap at the top and another at the bottom of the split. I finished the job that day with the same hammer! The best part is my son is still using that same hammer to make repairs in his first home and it is as strong as the day I bought it 20 years ago.
Haywire Klamper Hammer Handle Repair

What we learn from this case study:

  • The Haywire Klamper is a natural fix for broken handles
  • The Haywire Klamper can also be used to repair axe handles, broom handles or any other fracture in a handle
  • The Haywire Klamper is extremely handy to have in your toolbox when a hardware store is not right around the corner
  • The Haywire Klamper can easily pay for itself by fixing what you already have

This is truly one tool your toolbox should never be without. The Haywire Klamper utilizes common steel wire which means your binding material is easy to stock up on and can be used on wood, metal, rubber, concrete and just about any other type of material imaginable!

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Emergency Crutches Fashioned From Tree Limbs

Haywire Klamper Emergency Crutch Construction A good reason to carry the Haywire Klamper in your backpack or bugout bag!
When thinking of a tool that binds and clamps, one might not necessarily think of "survival tool" right away. After seeing how versatile the Haywire Klamper is and how strongly it binds objects though, you begin to think of the possibilities.
We thought of several survival scenarios out in the woods that a hiker or hunter could run into and one situation is all too common - a twisted ankle or even worse - a broken ankle or leg.
Struggling out of the woods on your own or having to limp a long way carried by a friend is a dangerous situation, but a sturdy set of crutches would increase your chances of getting out of the woods faster and safer. With a lightweight (4oz) Haywire Klamper tool and a Leatherman in your pack you can utilize one of the most abundant resources in the woods - wood! Branches can be gathered from the forest floor, broken or cut from trees if you have a saw. To fashion a set of crutches it only takes four pieces of long wood for the supports and four pieces of short wood for the handles and armrests. Haywire Klamper Emergency Crutch Construction
Haywire Klamper Emergency Crutch Construction In this situation having a lightweight pack saw or even a good Leatherman tool with a saw would be handy. Once you have your branches to length, it is a simple matter of 5 joints per crutch. If you have practiced a few times with the Haywire Klamper (as you should with any survival tool) you will be able to fashion the crutches in less than half an hour. You can get the idea of how the clamps would be made by seeing the pictures here - they are simple to make and don't require much wire. Simply bind the wooden parts together and get out of the woods safely!

What we learn from this case study:

  • The Haywire Klamper is an essential tool for hiking, hunting and camping.
  • Combined with a Leatherman tool, you can fashion many types of survival implements
  • Create splints
  • Build sturdy emergency shelters
  • Strap a knife to a stick for a hunting or fishing spear
  • The possibilities are limitless!
Haywire Klamper Emergency Crutch Construction

As you can see the Haywire Klamper is worth it's weight in gold in a survival situation. When venturing out into the woods there are several items you should never be without. Include the Haywire Klamper in your pack or bug-out bag. It is one of those essential items that you would rather have and not need than need it and not have one!

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Emergency vehicle repair with the Haywire Klamper!

Haywire Klamper Vehicle Repair On a recent trip my wife and I noticed a loud noise from the engine compartment of her Land Rover. Upon investigating the noise, I found that the passenger side exhaust manifold had cracked completely in two! With no Land Rover dealer nearby and this being a weekend, I decided to put the Haywire Klamper to the test!
I went to an auto-parts store and bought some exhaust putty. I then filled in the break all the way around and used the Haywire Klamper to strap the two pieces of the exhaust manifold back together.
The exhaust putty alone would never have held a manifold broken in TWO PIECES by itself. I put three separate wraps at different angles and cranked them tight. Had we not been able to get to an auto parts store the Haywire Klamper would have most likely bound the two pieces together tight enough to get us to safety. Also, carrying a product like JB Weld along with the Haywire Klamper in a vehicle would be an excellent all around fix for these situations.
We started the Land Rover up - no noise! We drove the vehicle home and ordered a new part. The fix worked so good, I waited two weeks until I got around to replacing it!
Haywire Klamper Vehicle Repair

What we learn from this case study:

  • The Haywire Klamper and a bit of creativity can get you out of a bad situation
  • The Haywire Klamper should be carried in your vehicle along with other essentials
  • The Haywire Klamper is an essential tool for off-road enthusiasts tool boxes

This is just one example of a real-world situation where the Haywire Klamper saved much hardship and money. A customer once told us that he can fix almost anything with a roll of duct tape, a Leatherman tool and the Haywire Klamper! A nice set of wrenches wouldn't hurt, but you get the point - this is a must have tool for your toolkit!

Learn more about the Haywire Klamper Tool here!